Ecological materials for Interior

Simply beautiful

  • 100% natural raw materials (e.g. flax or viscose)
  • 100% health and environmentally friendly
  • tear-resistant and robust
  • excellently printed
  • soft product quality
  • UV-resistant
  • breathable
  • heat and sound absorbing properties
  • without polymer binders

Sustainable Interior Elements

The outstanding properties of our eco-friendly nonwovens made of flax or lyocell can be applied to many home and office concepts. In the area of interior design, our Extra Organic products made from natural raw materials provide a wide range of options for decorating rooms.

In addition to being used as wallpaper, our nonwovens can be utilized as a carrier material in various areas, for example for

  • wallcoverings,
  • ceiling panels,
  • room dividers or
  • acoustic panels/sound absorbers.

Let us jointly find the right product for you. Please feel free to contact us!