Ecological materials as printing medium

Simply Beautiful

  • 100 % natural raw materials (e.g. flax & viscose)
  • 100% health and environmentally friendly
  • tear-resistant and durable
  • excellently printed
  • natural surface or laminated
  • beautiful natural look
  • UV-resistant
  • heat insulation and sound absorbing
Ökologische Materialien als Druckmedium

Base material for printed wallcovering

This bio-based nonwoven is made from 100% flax fibers or fiber blends of flax and viscose. The tensile strength and stability
is achieved during the manufacturing process, in which high-pressure water jets bind the fibers together almost inseparably
and strengthen them. The interwoven and entangled flax fibers remain visible and create a natural color tone.

The Extra Organic flax nonwoven is an outstanding wallcovering for unique room concepts.

Our flax base material (linen) can be easily printed with the aqueous pigment inks of HP Latex, Canon, Durst, Aleph, Epson, and with UV LED inks. By means of analog, rotary or digital printing, special prints can be realized for graphic finishing, for example for wall covering and other wall designs.

With our cellulosic nonwovens made from viscose or lyocell, we are able to provide an equally sustainable material.
Unfortunately, the heat and acoustic insulation characteristics are lost, as viscose fibers do not have these properties.

Fields of application

Flax nonwoven for wallcovering

Design unique room concepts! The special Extra Organic flax nonwoven can be used as wallcovering without after-treatment, creating a wall decoration that brings a totally new natural flair to your home.

Unlike conventional nonwoven wallpaper, this natural wallcover does not require a carrier material, but can be applied directly to the wall coated with (flax) adhesive.

This modern nonwoven wallcovering is something extraordinary!

The flax fibers are clearly visible on the surface and give the natural wallcovering an eye-catching look. Their excellent properties also fit perfectly into ecologically sustainable living room concepts. What many people don't know is that our flax material is a real thermal insulation specialist. Compared to conventional wallcoverings, it can retain heat in the room for longer.

In addition, the wall covering made of flax and viscose fibers is extremely robust - it has a sound-absorbing effect and is characterized by above-average UV resistance

This nonwoven wallcovering is also easy to apply to the wall. Our specially developed Extra Organic flat wallcovering adhesive makes it possible. Its natural composition, made from pure methyl cellulose, contributes to the ecological footprint. As our flax material does not require an additional backing material, it is much better at absorbing moisture and releasing it again when required, ensuring a good, natural indoor climate at all times.

Cellulose based nonwoven as wallcovering

Almost as sustainable, but just as white, we have developed a material that consists of 100% Lyocell. Our aim is to provide a material for printing that enables brilliant colors while remaining ecologically valuable.

Ecological innovation in brilliant white.

The cellulose fiber Lyocell provides a similar ecological alternative. Lyocell fibers have an exceptionally smooth surface and have comparable properties to flax. The fiber is very tear-resistant and durable, even when wet. Lyocell is environmentally friendly and compostable.

We emphasize responsible forest management and obtain our raw materials from certified, sustainable sources. Due to our spunlace technology, we produce a pure white, soft and tear-resistant nonwoven made of 100% Lyocell fibers, which is used as wall covering in the same way as our flax nonwoven.

If you prefer a white base material, we provide a perfect environmentally friendly alternative with this product.

Tutorial Application of our Flax Material

You can find out how to apply the flat wallpaper correctly in our tutorial.